Elevating The Smart Home Experience

SmartThings Station is the hub that does it all. Users can connect your devices and products to one place with a simple press of the Smart Button.

  • Easy-to-use, affordable smart home hub and charging pad
  • Quick setup and compatibility with a range of smart home products, including Matter devices
  • Users can create automations and set convenient routines that save time and energy, like switching off lights and appliances whenever
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Smart Home. Low Effort.

SmartThings Station makes it easy to automate routines created via the SmartThings app, without having to control devices manually.

Users are able to activate their pre-set routines in seconds. Time for bed? All they’ll need to do is simply tap the Smart Button to activate their sleep routine. Lights off, blinds closed — they’re all set.

SmartThings Station image

A Powerful Charging Pad

Supporting up to 15W wireless charging, SmartThings Station can be used as fast-charging pad.

Users will receive an alert when their device is finished charging. They’ll be able to pick up where they left off or switch to charge another device.

SmartThings Station charging pad image
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SmartThings is based in Mountain View, California and operates independently as a wholly owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics America, Inc.

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