Introducing Map View

A new, easier way for users to manage your devices.

Map View lets users see their entire home at a glance, and all the devices in it, from wherever they are.

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Your Devices, Mapped

Users can create 3D maps of their home to find, operate, and automate devices in each room—right from their Galaxy phone and, soon, from their Samsung TV, Family Hub fridge, and Samsung smart monitor.

  • Your devices will automatically populate in Map View based on the rooms the user has grouped them in.
  • Maps are created with an uploaded photo of a user’s floor plan—or even a hand-drawn sketch made directly in the Map View tool!
  • Map View will always show if a device is active or inactive.

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More About Map View

January 8, 2024

SmartThings Revolutionizes Home Visualization with Introduction of Map View

This first-of-its-kind innovation elevates smart home control by visually representing devices within the layout of a home – leading to easier and more convenient smart home management.

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