SmartThings Co-Marketing Opportunities

Partnering with SmartThings means access to a variety of co-marketing opportunities. We collaborate with you through digital content and campaigns, PR opportunities, and events to promote your brand to the SmartThings and Samsung audience.


SmartThings Explore content provides recommended articles based on users’ feature recommends SmartThings experiences IoT familiarity and lifestyle preferences. Each article features partner brands and product categories to show how your products work within the SmartThings ecosystem. Contact us to learn how your brand can be featured in SmartThings Explore content.

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We promote partner brand visibility at our exhibitions at major events and tradeshows such as SDC, CES, and at our partner showcase events at the NYC-based 837 SmartThings Home.

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PR Opportunities

We offer a variety of PR opportunities for your brand, which include joint press releases, blog posts, and influencer campaigns in collaboration with Samsung.

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Digital Campaigns

When you partner with SmartThings, your brand and products will be visible to Samsung and SmartThings audiences through various digital marketing campaigns and activities.

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SmartThings is based in Mountain View, California and operates independently as a wholly owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics America, Inc.

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