SmartThings Digital Campaigns

When you become a Works with SmartThings partner, your brand and products will be visible to Samsung and SmartThings audiences through various digital campaigns and marketing activities.

SmartThings App

We feature our partners’ brands in the SmartThings app on our Supported Devices and Explore content pages where users go to find all the products that work with SmartThings—and learn how they can get the most out of the app with a variety of smart home products.

Brand visibility on the SmartThings app includes:

  • Your brand name, logo, and products featured in SmartThings “Explore” articles
  • A direct link to your brand’s website in the app’s Supported Devices section

Social Channels

We’ll work together on compelling campaigns, collaborative posts, and giveaways for visibility on our social channels, including Instagram, X (Twitter), and LinkedIn.

Social activities include:

  • Partner mentions/spotlights
  • Collaboration posts
  • Giveaway opportunities
  • X/Twitter “live” Q&A session
  • Amplification through Samsung US social channels

Special Digital Marketing Campaigns

Larger partnerships may result in larger campaign activations including our high-production, high-amplification channels, such as our successful promotional content featuring prominent influencers.

Our “Everyday SmartThings with Heung Min-Son” campaign followed the soccer star’s everyday use of SmartThings and showcased several partner products and devices that work with SmartThings. Campaign assets included final and behind-the-scenes campaign videos shared on Samsung’s YouTube channel and Samsung and SmartThings social channels.

Web Content

When you partner with us, you can expect your brand to be featured throughout the SmartThings website, including your very own branded web page, which highlights a direct link to your website, your Works with SmartThings certified products, and other brand details.

Soon, we’ll also be able to feature your products on

Web activities include:

  • Partner branded page with links to the partner’s website
  • Brand visibility on “Explore” article pages
  • Banners throughout various web pages
  • Product features on Soon)

SmartThings Blog

As part of our partnership, we’ll feature your brand and products in a detailed partner showcase blog post. Blog posts will be hosted on the SmartThings blog and will be shared on SmartThings social channels.

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SmartThings Store

We've recently launched a new SmartThings Store available to German users. As part of our partnership, your devices have the opportunity to be featured alongside our WWST brands.

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