A Smart Home
for Everyone

Samsung and SmartThings are transforming appliances, TVs, and other smart devices into smart home hubs, making it easier than ever for users to start and grow their smart homes with your devices.

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Expanding Smart Homes with A Multi-Hub Network

When users add additional SmartThings Stations to their home, they can create a multi-hub network with greater range and reliability where Matter, Thread, and Zigbee devices connect to the most optimal or closest hub. This means that more people can add more of your devices to their growing smart home, with the same reliability and responsiveness they expect! We’re bringing this to all our hubs in the future.

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Hub Replacement, Stress-Free

SmartThings hub functionality is being added to more and more everyday devices, motivating users to upgrade their SmartThings setup. Our Hub Replace feature allows users to seamlessly transfer their Matter, Zigbee, Z-Wave, and Thread networks and devices, the hub’s Edge Driver data, routines, and other hub settings to a new hub with just a few taps.

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Connected Homes, Made Easy

Users can seamlessly manage their devices through SmartThings hubs built into Samsung appliances and devices.

Samsung Family Hub Fridge

Samsung Family Hub Fridge

  • Smart home users can stream music while cooking, and connect smart lights to set the mood for dinner.
  • By connecting smart doorbells, users can see who’s at the front door without leaving the kitchen.
  • Users can receive food expiration notifications and create shopping lists that sync to their smartphones.
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    Samsung Smart TVs

    Samsung Smart TVs

  • Users can view and manage devices throughout their homes from their Samsung smart TVs.
  • Users can use remote or voice commands to adjust smart lighting, check camera feeds, and control smart thermostats.
  • Users can sync smart lights to what’s on the TV screen.
  • Samsung Soundbars

    Samsung Soundbars

  • With Matter Controller, Thread, and Zigbee radio functionality, users can connect their devices to the soundbar like any other smart home hub.
  • Users can receive device alerts and notifications.
  • Samsung Smart Monitors

    Samsung Smart Monitors

  • Users can display and monitor smart device energy usage.
  • Users can view live video feeds from their security cameras.
  • Users can sync smart sound and lighting effects.
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