Integrate Your Devices with SmartThings Music Sync

With SmartThings Music Sync, users can seamlessly customize and control their Philips Hue lights from their Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet, and sync to a variety of music streaming services, and more.

Users can take their hosting skills to the next level.

Enhances users daily workout with hues that get them in the zone.

Parents can let the kids dance along to a playlist of their favorite songs (and colors!).

Music Sync app screenshot

SmartThings Music Sync is only available on Galaxy devices. This feature requires Philips Hue white and color ambiance lights and a Hue Bridge.

Philips Hue and SmartThings

Philips Hue has been a longtime partner, offering full-home control of smart devices when pairing Philips Hue lights with SmartThings. For years, users have been able to connect Philips Hue lights to any Samsung device with the SmartThings app, creating scenes that activate not only light bulbs but also smart blinds and televisions. Now, we’ve taken it to a new level by transforming the music-listening experience.

Contact us to learn how you can also integrate your products and devices with SmartThings Music Sync.

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