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Your lights can alert you

With SmartThings you can use Smart Lights to alert you when something happens. With the automation setting, you can set routines to change the color and brightness at a desired time.

Is your laundry fresh?

We’ve all forgotten to take the laundry out of the washing machine leaving you with musty smells. With SmartThings, you can change the color of the lights in your home when the wash cycle is complete!

Purify your air

Sometimes you're so busy you can't even check the weather outside. Try using Air Care's [Light bulb indicator] in SmartThings to monitor indoor and outdoor air quality, changing the colors of your lights when it's time to ventilate.

Wake up refreshed

Wake up refreshed

Sometimes the sound of an alarm alone is not enough to get you up in the morning. With SmartThings you can link your lights and alarm to mimic the sunrise and naturally awaken your body's biological rhythm.

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