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Personalize your workout routine

It can take a lot of time and effort to build a healthy body. Create your own unique fitness room with SmartThings for a more convenient exercise and leisure experience.

An environment ideal for regular exercise

Create a regular workout environment based on your own personal routine. With SmartThings you can turn the TV on and set your room to the right temperature and level of humidity to create the perfect environment for regular exercise.

Work out harder and smarter

By providing accurate feedback on your exercise posture and movements, the Samsung Health Smart Trainer allows you to focus on your individual workout. Use SmartThings and the Galaxy Camera to further optimize your workout environment.

End your workout in a refreshing way

Remember to cool down and stretch to realize the full benefits of your workout. Simply tell Bixby, "Start cooling down" and your lights will shift to a more comfortable setting, enabling you to focus on your stretching.

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