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Celebrate Earth Day with SmartThings

Climate Change concerns all of us. SmartThings can help you do the little things that go a long way in preserving the environment

Participate in Earth Day with a single touch

A simple way to participate in Earth Day is to turn off all your lights for 10 minutes. SmartThings mode option can make it easy to participate by turning off all your lights and devices at the same time.

Every day is Earth Day

Use SmartThings energy-saving routines to save energy and act like every day like Earth Day

Upcycling for an even more impactful Earth Day

Do you have an old, unused Galaxy device stashed away somewhere in a drawer? If so, consider participating in [Galaxy Upcycle]. Your old device can be used in unlimited number of new ways— from acting as a sound sensor that can detect your baby crying to acting as a light sensor. Make your house more intelligent while also saving the environment.

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