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Be worry-free even when apart

You can't be with everyone you care about all the time. Some family members need extra care, particularly if they live alone. SmartThings lets you stay in touch remotely, to make sure they are safe and well, freeing you from any worries.

Everything's okay, right?

In an emergency, you want to respond as quickly as possible. Use SmartThings and JetBot AI to get help fast: simply say "Hi Bixby, help me" and it will immediately contact family members so they can respond quickly to the situation.

Are you eating well?

Make sure that family members are okay and taking care of themselves. With the SmartThings [Family Care] function, you can check if they are moving around their home normally and even if they've opened the refrigerator door.

Did you get home safely?

If you have a family member with limited mobility, you may worry and wonder if they've gotten home okay. Set their Galaxy or Watch device so that you receive a notification when your family member arrives home safely. You can also use a Galaxy Smart Tag to routinely receive notifications and free yourself from worry.

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