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A new station for your smart home, SmartThings Station

The amazing SmartThings Station is Samsung's ultra-speed wireless charger that that will transform your house into the ultimate smart home. It also acts as a hub, the core of smart homes. Learn about the amazing features of the SmartThings Station one by one.

An effective smartphone finder

Misplaced your smartphone? Simply tap the SmartThings Station button twice and your phone will play a sound, you'll find it in no time!

The ultimate automation center

Simply put your phone on the SmartThings Station to charge before you go to sleep; the TV and lights automatically starts and the air purifier switches to sleep mode. You can even set this routine by pressing the button on your SmartThings Station

A seamless, dynamic hub

Just like SmartThings Hub and Dongle, use the SmartThings Station to connect all your smart home accessories to SmartThings. Make sure to connect all your lights, blinds, and sensors in your home for a new experience.

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SmartThings is based in Mountain View, California and operates independently as a wholly owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics America, Inc.

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