New SmartThings Energy Features Take Home Energy Management to Next Level

October 5, 2023 SmartThings Energy

Through AI and via Demand Response programs, people can take greater control of their carbon footprint and lower their monthly energy bills

SMOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – June 27, 2023 – SmartThings, a leader in smart home technology, today announces new features for SmartThings Energy. The additions empower people to take more action on their energy use, save money and earn rewards, while contributing to a more sustainable future.

More than 270 million people worldwide use SmartThings to control and manage their connected life. SmartThings Energy is a comprehensive energy management solution within the SmartThings app that improves household energy IQ. It’s the first platform of its kind to earn ENERGY STAR® certification for a Smart Home Energy Management System from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

More Intelligence with AI

Optimizing home energy use is the first step to taking action. Within SmartThings Energy, AI Energy Mode is a power-saving feature that helps people get the most out of their Samsung products while using the least amount of energy. Using AI enhanced systems on Samsung Home Appliances and TVs, AI Energy Mode saves up to 70% energy on select cycles and products. Algorithms weigh laundry loads, set defrost cycles, estimate electricity bills – even detect when a refrigerator door is open or a room temperature dips – to help people cut costs and save consumption. Over the past year, customers in the United States saved more than 1.8 gigawatt hours (GWh) of energy using AI Energy Mode 1.

Partnership with Electricity Maps

With this update, SmartThings Energy users can now gain valuable insights into the sources and origins of their energy across a broader range of products right from the SmartThings app. Through a partnership with Electricity Maps, a service that visualizes the sources of electricity and the associated carbon dioxide emissions, users can make more informed decisions about their energy usage and reduce their carbon footprint.

More Compatibility with Commonly Used Third Party Devices

Some of the most popular connected products in people’s homes are smart lights, thermostats and outlets. Now, SmartThings Energy extends its support to more commonly used devices, in addition to connected Samsung appliances and HVAC systems. This expansion allows people to incorporate a wider range of energy-consuming devices into their "Away" mode, ensuring they are automatically turned off when not in use.

More Savings and Rewards with Enhanced Automatic Demand Response (DR) Functionality

As announced earlier this month, SmartThings Energy is introducing more advanced automation features to enable U.S. users enrolled in DR programs to manage their devices more intelligently. Previously, SmartThings Energy users would receive notifications of a real- time energy event and need to manually adjust devices or set up automations to participate in energy-saving or reward-generating programs. With the new update, users can simply select the devices they want to participate in the DR program. SmartThings Energy will then automatically adjust the chosen devices, turning off lights or plugs, activating more economical modes for thermostats, and enabling compatible Samsung appliances with AI Energy Mode.

Once users activate SmartThings Energy, they can easily check their eligibility for participation in various energy management programs by inputting their zip code. This unlocks the opportunity to earn cash rewards and savings during periods of high-energy consumption. An average participating household in New York with GridRewards program activated through SmartThings Energy can earn more than $100 per year during peak hours. Additionally, residents in California can now enroll their homes with the Connected Savings® program by Resideo Technologies, which manufactures Honeywell Home smart thermostats and First Alert life safety solutions, enabling the homeowner to receive a one-time reward of up to $150.

These advancements are designed to provide users with greater flexibility and convenience in managing their smart home devices, ultimately leading to significant energy savings.

"SmartThings Energy has revolutionized the home energy category, and we are witnessing a growing number of users who are acutely aware of the need for increased savings and control over their energy consumption," said Barry Holland, Director of Product Management at SmartThings Energy. "With energy costs at their peak, it has never been more important to provide users with effective solutions to lower their energy expenses and reduce consumption. These new features exemplify our unwavering commitment to addressing these critical needs and empowering users with advanced energy management capabilities."

The new features will begin to rollout to SmartThings app users at the end of June. To learn more about SmartThings Energy and take advantage of the full suite of energy management capabilities, visit

  1. Savings amount estimated based on tests performed by Samsung. Estimated savings may differ from your actual savings.
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