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Your own in-house sleep specialist

Yearning for a good night’s sleep every night? It's important to maintain regular bedtime hours and create a pleasant sleeping environment. With SmartThings, you can get a good night’s rest by creating a sleep routine and environment that is tailored just for you.

Get your home ready for a good night’s sleep

SmartThings can help you prepare the perfect environment as you wind down for the day. Create a routine to dim the lights when the sun sets and reduce visual stimulation before going to sleep. You’ll be enjoying a deep sleep in no time.

Create the perfect environment for sleeping

With SmartThings you can creating the optimal sleeping environment, adjusting the temperature and humidity in your home to help you get better sleep. Don't wake up in the middle of the night due to excessive heat.

Wake up refreshed

Wake up feeling refreshed. Set your house to Smart Mode to open your blinds, turn on your air conditioner and purifier, and gently raise your lights, all before your alarm goes off. SmartThings will help you wake up feeling great and ready to start the day.

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