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Upgrade your TV watching with SmartThings TV Plug-in!

Enjoy a more convenient TV experience with SmartThings TV Plug-In. When you are near it, the TV automatically connects to your smartphone! With the TV Plug-In, your mobile phone transforms into a TV remote control, customized to the contents of your TV, making it easier and faster to watch your favorite shows.

Your TV Remote Control, Right at Your Fingertips

Can’t find your TV remote control? TV remotes always seem to disappear right when you need them. Now, there’s no need to frantically search for your remote anymore. Enjoy the magic of seeing your mobile phone effortlessly transform into a remote control as soon as it gets near the TV.

Your Very Own Customized Remote Control

If you enjoy watching TV, it’s important to have a versatile remote control that suits your needs. Create your own customized remote control to further elevate your TV-watching experience. From live TV programs to your favorite OTT shortcuts, you can customize everything on your remote so that it suits your tastes.

Enjoy TV With Greater Ease

From movies and games to breathtaking sceneries, the Samsung TV shows it all. Use SmartThings TV Plug-In to navigate through all types of different contents with ultimate ease and freedom.

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