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Tips for saving energy at home

Everybody worries about energy bills. Use SmartThings Energy to check your energy usage in real-time and lower your bills

Don’t worry about your electricity bill

SmartThings Energy's [AI Energy Mode] helps you manage the energy usage of your home appliances. The AI can control the energy usage of air conditioners and other appliances to ensure you don't exceed your budget. Now you don't need to worry about your energy bills!

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Avoid unnecessary energy usage

You don't want to pay for energy you don't need; it’s not eco-friendly, either. Try enabling [Energy management while away] in SmartThings Energy. It alerts you of any unnecessary energy usage while you're away.

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Manage any device at a glance

With Smart Plugs, you can even manage devices such as hair dryers, fans and irons. You can monitor real-time usage enabling you to save energy with SmartThings.

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