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Our smart butler

It’s exciting when you’re expecting a visitor. But there are times when you don’t hear the doorbell or aren’t home when a guest comes to visit. In these types of awkward situations, wouldn’t it be great if you had a butler that could welcome your guest? Use SmartThings as your new smart butler.

Maintain focus when interrupted

When you are in the middle of cooking something or immersed in a movie, sometimes an unexpected visitor can be unwelcome. The next time an unexpected visitor shows up and rings the doorbell, use SmartThings to check who your visitor is through the Family Hub or TV. You can also communicate back and forth with your visitor without having to go to the intercom.

You can tell by the light

There are times when you don’t hear the doorbell. Now, you can check whether someone is at the door through the lighting in your home. Adjust the lighting settings so that they change when someone rings the doorbell. This way you’ll know right way that someone’s at the door, even if you don’t hear the doorbell ring.

Keep your house safe

When you're out, you may worry that your house is vulnerable. Use SmartThings and your doorbell to turn on the TV and lights when someone approaches to give the impression that you're at home.

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