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Keep your children comfortable and safe

It's natural for parents to worry when their kids are home alone. SmartThings lets you put your worries aside by helping you create a comfortable and safe environment for your children.

Welcome your children home

You may feel anxious when you think about your child coming home to an empty house. Use SmartThings to welcome your child even when you’re not there. Program your living room lights so that they turn on and a speaker plays a greeting as soon as the front door opens and your child enters the house.

Maintain a pleasant home for your children

With SmartThings routines create a pleasant environment for your children so that they can stay healthy. Adjust your settings so that a cool air conditioner immediately turns on on hot days and an air purifier turns on on dusty days, so that you child comes home to a clean and cheerful environment.

Keep your children safe and sound

Parents naturally worry about the safety of their children when they're home alone. In particular, using a stove without parental supervision is extremely dangerous for kids. Now you can use SmartThings and be notified immediately if your child turns on the stove, preventing potential accidents.

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