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Hosting a smart home party

Enjoy precious moments with friends and family by hosting the ultimate house party. SmartThings will help you with everything you need - from cooking to creating a fun atmosphere, to cleaning up afterwards!

Preparing party food in a smart way

With SmartThings Cooking, you can find the perfect party recipes, tailored to match the cooking utensils and ingredients you already have at home. You can also use SmartThings Cooking to scan meal kits and convenience foods and connect them with your kitchen utensils, so that preparing that extra-special party food is as easy as pie.

Creating a fun atmosphere in a smart way

Music is a must for any great party. Create the ultimate party atmosphere by syncing your playlist with smart lighting with SmartThings Music Sync. This kind of rockin’ vibe will leave your guests with unforgettable memories.

Cleaning up in a smart way

It takes just as much energy to clean up after a party as it does to prepare one. Now, SmartThings is here to help you clean up after your party with little effort. Once the party is over, Jet Bot AI will automatically start cleaning up. You can also get recommendations on optimal dishwasher settings based on the recipes of the dishes you prepared for the party.

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