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Did you know that the Samsung TV has a variety of hidden capabilities? From creating the optimal viewing environment to protecting your home, the Samsung TV has many hidden features that makes it your perfect home helper!

A TV That Creates an Optimal Viewing Environment

On a warm afternoon with the sunlight pouring in, it can get too hot and bright to watch TV! No need to worry. The Samsung TV’s light sensor detects the light in your room and closes the curtains. It also adjusts the screen brightness for optimal TV viewing, making sure you can see clear, crisp images on your TV and making it easy on your eyes

A TV That Always Listens

The Samsung TV is always listening. When your dog is home alone and barking, the TV’s sound sensor detects the barking and notifies you through SmartThings. Now, you will never miss out on hearing your beloved pet’s voice.

A TV That Protects Your Home

Even when you’re not at home, you can count on your dependable TV. Cameras connected to your TV can detect any intruders inside your home and alert you through SmartThings. Use Samsung Home Monitor for real-time monitoring so that you can quickly respond to any emergency.

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