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Eco-friendly laundry

Looking for a clean and convenient way to do laundry while protecting the environment at the same time? Don’t look further! SmartThings provides an effective AND eco-friendly way of doing your precious laundry.

Reduce Microplastics

Did you know that washing synthetic fibers creates microplastics? Reduce your microplastic footprint with the Microplastic Reduction Cycle, developed in collaboration with the eco-friendly clothing brand Patagonia. This cycle utilizes eco bubbles and gentle drum movements to reduce fabric friction, minimize garment damage, and reduce the amount of microplastics.

Filter Out Microplastics

Install a microplastic reduction filter to prevent microplastics from your laundry from going straight into the ocean. This filter can trap 98% of the microplastics created by your clothes, helping to protect the world’s oceans. When it’s time to clean the filter, SmartThings Home Care will let you know.

Even Save Energy

Samsung’s Eco Bubble technology makes it possible to wash your clothes at a lower temperature while still achieving the same washing power. For even more energy savings, switch on the AI Savings Mode. This energy-savings mode selects just the right amount of energy for your particular washing cycle, resulting in up to 70% in energy savings.

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